Queenyy - Distance

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This is a record that a lot of people can relate to as it paints a picture of how jealousy can become contagious in a relationship. You can’t help but have the intoxicating hook, “When I said I felt it, I meant it,” on loop in your mind, even long after “Distance,” is completed.

About Queenyy

Queenyy has an unmatchable tonal distinction with the sultry, rasp that her voice exudes. Her boisterous and unapologetic personality seeps into her songs, offering listeners genuine lyrics and lived experiences to grasp hold of. 

Today she presents her first official project: “Distance” 

With three songs vastly different from the last, Queenyy’s rapidly growing fanbase is given a taste of her confidence and vulnerability on an intrapersonal. It’s no wonder why she is garnering the attention she is as an up and coming artist in the music industry.


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